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a) a federal act that promotes prevention of child abuse
b) a diagnosable condition of children who have been abused
c) a state act that says that all children should be assessed for neglect
d) The acronym for how to interact with families caring, assessing, protecting, treating and acting

Which activity would not be included as a pre-commencement activity
a) review prior abuse history
b) contact available resources
c) reconcile discrepancies between parents
d) supervisory consultation

A mother has limited access to the financial resources in the home. The father has required that she refrain from talking to members of her family because they are negative influences. These are indications of power and control. The CPI should
a) file a law enforcement report on the father
b) request a chapter 39 injunction
c) request that the parents separate to ensure the situation does not escalate to violence
d) request information from the family and collaterals about the impact on the children

As indicated in prior reports, a family has an extensive history of drug issues. Upon initial contact to address the inadequate supervision concerns
a) the cpi should assess for possible substance use that relates to the inadequate supervision
b) the cpi should avoid addressing any drug concerns because the family has already addressed this concern in prior reports
c) the CPI should require the parents to provide a urinalysis and create an out of home safety plan if they aren't willing
d) tell neighbors to watch for any possible drug issues by the parents as an extra safety measure

A CPI completes initial contact with the family. The report indicates that the parents are not responding to and feeding the infant in the home. The newborn appears lethargic and has not eaten in over 24 hours. Parents don't see a problem.
a) There is present danger
b) There is impending danger
c) There is no danger
d) The CPI should leave and collect additional information to determine if there is danger

A CPI is told that the father is using drugs in the presence of his toddler. However, the father denies this behavior. The CPI should
a) refute the allegations since the toddler is unable to provide a disclosure because of limited verbal skills
b) give the father the benefit of the doubt
c) attempt to reconcile the discrepancy by obtaining additional collaterals and addressing the information obtained with the fat
d) notify the father that he will lose his child unless he tells the truth

A child has disclosed sexual abuse during an interview with a CPI. The CPI should
a) obtain all of the details of the sexual abuse incident to ensure adequate evidence to support maltreatment findings
b) discontinue the interview and request a forensic interview with CPT
c) ask the parent to step in to ensure that the child feels supported
d) proceed to interview the alleged perpetrator before Law enforcement gets involved so he does not close up

Select the most appropriate. A child who has been exposed to ongoing domestic violence and who has been sexually abused will experience this type of trauma
a) acute traumatic stress
b) complex traumatic stress
c) chronic traumatic stress
d) unlikely to experience any trauma with the appropriate services

This provides the best chance of active brain development for an infant
a) a caregiver's interaction with a child
b) exposure to interactive learning videos
c) the use of formula with high levels of dha
d) listening to music in utero

A CPI has completed a safety plan to prevent removal and thus demonstrated
a) appropriate attempts
b) reasonable attempts
c) reasonable efforts
d) appropriate efforts

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