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What is the limited number of items that are imported into a county?
a) Tariff
b) Embargo
c) Quota
d) Revenue

What is the income a business makes form the sale of goods and services?
a) Revenue
b) Invest
c) Resource
d) Wages

What is the commit of money or capital to gain financial return?
a) Wages
b) Resources
c) Invest
d) Produce

Things that are man-made that we use to help us work are called ______.
a) Natural Resourcses
b) Capital Resources
c) Human Resources
d) Renewable Resources

Someone who has an idea for a good or service and produces it is called a(n) _____.
a) Entrepreneur
b) Employee
c) Entertainer
d) Worker

People working to produce goods ans services are called ________.
a) Capital Resources
b) Owner
c) Renewable Resources
d) Human Resources

What means to make current?
a) Compile
b) Produce
c) Update
d) Establish

What means to put together?
a) Update
b) Complie
c) Establish
d) Produce

When you set up something it is ___________.
a) Update
b) Compile
c) Establish
d) Produce

What is to make something?
a) Update
b) Establish
c) Produce
d) Compile

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