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Which test did we perform to see if a food had complex carbohydrates such as starch?
a) Benedict's
b) Sudan III
c) Iodine
d) Biuret

Which of the following is a function of Nucleic Acids?
a) Directions to make proteins
b) Energy Storage
c) Muscle building
d) Cell Membrane Structure

Which of the following macromolecules is made of sugar subunits?
a) Protein
b) Nucleic Acid
c) Lipids
d) Carbohydrates

Which macromolecules is best for LONG TERM energy storage?
a) Carbohydrates
b) Lipids
c) Proteins
d) Nucleic Acids

What four elements make up the majority of living things?
a) Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen
b) Hydrogen, Carbon, Oxygen, Phosphorus
c) Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Phosphorus
d) Carbon, Hydrogen, Uranium, Phosphorus

Which of the following is an example of a community?
a) Mom, Dad, Kids, Cat, Dog, Fish
b) Mom, Dad, and Kids
c) 17 French Bulldogs
d) Mom, Dad, Kids, Cat, Dog, Fish, and house

Which of the following is in the correct order from smallest to largest?
a) Cell, Organelle, Organ, Ecosystem
b) Organelle, Organ, Cell, Ecosystem
c) Organelle, Cell, Organ, Ecosystem
d) Ecosystem, Organ, Cell, Organelle

The H in CHOGGIES stands for Homeostasis. Which of the following is an example of Homeostasis?
a) A caterpillar changing into a butterfly.
b) A pupppy eating food to go and play.
c) Red blood cells in your body.
d) Your body shivering when cold to maintain a constant temperature.

What does CHOGGIES have to do with biology?
a) They represent the organization of living things from small to large
b) They represent characteristics all living things share.
c) It stands for the most common macromolecules.
d) Nothing. My teacher is crazy.

Which of the following macromolecules helps make steroid hormones (testosterone and estrogen)?
a) Proteins
b) Carbohydrates
c) Lipids
d) Nucleic Acids

What is the test we perform to see if our solution had Simple Carbohydrates?
a) Benedict's
b) Iodine
c) Biuret
d) Sudan III

Which of the following is in the correct order from smallest to largest?
a) atom, organ, organelle, organism
b) atom, organelle, organ, organism
c) organelle, atom, organism, organ
d) organelle, atom, organ, organism

How do we know if a food sample contains nucleic acids?
a) We don't know.
b) We use Biuret as an indicator and look for color change.
c) It says it on the nutrition label.
d) It was a living organism at one point.

What are proteins made of?
a) Sugar subunits
b) Nucleotides
c) Amino acids
d) Fatty acids

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