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These are the three categories of caregiver protective capacities
a) parenting, behavioral, emotional stability
b) cognitive, behavioral, emotional
c) adult functioning, empathy, behavioral
d) cognitive, believing and understanding

The following is not a domain category
a) adult functioning
b) child functioning
c) behavioral functioning
d) Circumstances surrounding

A forensic interview is completed by
a) the CPI
b) specially trained interviewer or Law enforcement officer
c) the child's pediatrician
d) therapist

You should avoid these type of questions when interviewing children
a) forced choice
b) open-ended
c) tell me more
d) tell me what you like to do

When gathering information about child functioning you should consider
a) favorite food
b) approach to managing behavior
c) abilit to communicate
d) financial management

Sufficient information collection
a) is only necessary when a child is unsafe
b) includes knowing every detail of individual's life
c) is impossible to attain
d) is the most essential ingredient for effective decision-making

When you have a case involving an unsafe child
a) the case is referred to ongoing services only if the family agrees
b) the case is referred to ongoing services
c) a safety plan is created only if needed
d) the child is automatically removed

The following is not an information collection competency
a) I know what I must learn about a family
b) I understand the purpose for needing to know the information
c) I demonstrate the ability to gather the information
d) I can understand the information without having to analyze it

It is important to understand
a) how an adult copes with loss, grief and frustration
b) how fast a person can type
c) the elementary school where a parent attended
d) the type of movies and individual enjoys watching

Safety plans include
a) Treatment services
b) tasks that can control the danger
c) expectations for the parents to ensure they are responsible for keeping their children safe
d) tasks that are completed only utilizing the formal safety services provided by agencies

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