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All elements are made up of very tiny particles called
a) Molecules
b) Matter
c) Atoms
d) none of the above

A student finds an interesting substances in a jar in the garage. He uses the internet to see if he can find out what it is, based on his observations of the unknown substance. How is the student using the scientific method?
a) He is looking and finding new things
b) He is using the internet to look up information
c) He is classifying a substance based on its properties
d) He is doing an experiment with a controlled variable

Atoms of 2 or more elements can combine to form what?
a) Atoms
b) Molecules
c) Elements
d) Compounds

Which of the following is an example of a chemical property of water? It
a) Boils at 100 C
b) Is transparent
c) Has no odor
d) Reacts with calcium

Is the following a mixture or a compound? Sand
a) Mixture
b) Compound

The scientific discovery of the chemical and physical properties of atoms took place over several centuries. Why was it important for scientists for find out about the properties?
a) So atoms could be seen and their parts identified
b) So that the books written about them would all have complete information
c) So people knew how they could use the substances
d) So our understanding of time and space could be complete

A student puts out fire on the stove by dumping baking soda on the flame. How has the student used scientific knowledge in his daily life?
a) He knew a physical property of baking soda is that it doesn't melt
b) He knew a chemical property of baking soda is that it doesn't burn
c) He knew a chemical property of baking soda is that it dissolves in water
d) He knew a physical property of baking soda is that it is white in color

Which of the following is an example of a physical property of hydrogen? It
a) Is less dense than air
b) Reacts with oxygen
c) Is highly flammable
d) Forms hydrochloric acid

Freezing point and melting point are examples of
a) chemical properties
b) physical properties
c) none of the above

Which of the following is true of chemical properties? They
a) Describe the phase the substance is in
b) Are measurements of the size or mass of the substance
c) Explain how the substance reacts with other substances
d) Predict how much of the substance is found in the universe

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