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Why did the children go to the country?
a) visit relatives
b) escape from the bombings in London
c) running away
d) they were on vacation

What item of furniture led to the magical land?
a) Wardrobe
b) door in wall
c) behind the book shelf
d) in a cave behind the house

What did Edmund say about the wardrobe when he and Lucy got back?
a) imagical land did not exist
b) it is not magical
c) it was empty
d) it was magical

What was the name of the Faun creature?
a) Tumnus
b) Edmund
c) Lucy
d) Professor

Who was Mrs. Mcready?
a) wife of the professor
b) mom
c) neighborhood friend
d) housekeeper

What fell out of the wardrobe when the door was opened?
a) coat
b) hat
c) mothballs
d) insects

Who was the youngest sister?
a) Lucy
b) Susan
c) Peter
d) Tumnus

Why was Mr. Tumnus crying
a) he was a crybaby
b) Lucy hit him
c) he fell in the snow
d) afraid of the witch

Why did Lucy go into the wardrobe?
a) playing hide and seek
b) she was looking for a coat
c) she smelled mothballs
d) exploring the house

Who was making fun of Lucy?
a) the housekeeper
b) the Professor
c) Edmund
d) Peter

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