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To look at something closely to see what is happening.
a) be illogical in your thinking.
b) record information.
c) observe something.
d) none of the above

the third step in the scientific method
a) Experiment
b) make a hypothesis
c) Gather info
d) Problem/question

The fourth step in the Scientific Method
a) Problem/question
b) Gather info
c) make a hypothesis
d) Experiment

When someone is illogical, they are
a) behaving in a normal manner.
b) acting normally in their thinking.
c) not acting or thinking normally
d) none of the above

The condition that is not the same between two groups. (it is the one thing you change)
a) hypothesis
b) observation
c) variable
d) none of the above

If you think something will happen and you make an educated guess.
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) gather info
d) problem

The group that contains the variable
a) control group
b) experimental group
c) scientists
d) none of the above

This shows what happens if the variable is not present (there)
a) control group
b) experimental group
c) hypothesis
d) science

To write down information
a) verify
b) logic
c) record
d) variable

Information used to make a hypothesis or conclusion
a) evidence
b) logic
c) reasons
d) observations

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