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Slaves who arrived in 1700 would most likely work with which crop?
a) Corn
b) Rice
c) Cotton
d) Tobacco

The Gullah people in South Carolina and Georgia are known for
a) Serving in the Army
b) Resistance to slavery
c) Their African roots and language
d) Being kind to everyone

In the colonial era, South Carolina's governor
a) was elected by the people
b) was elected by white land-owners
c) was appointed by the king
d) was chosen for his wealth

Triangular Trade involved
a) Europe, Africa, and Asia
b) Asia, Africa, and Australia
c) Africa, Asia, and North America
d) North America, Europe, and Africa

After years as a Proprietary Colony, South Carolina felt they were being ignored so they petitioned the king to allow them to become a __________ colony
a) extra-legal
b) proprietary
c) royal
d) self-goverened

The Regulators in colonial South Carolina
a) make coastal trade safer
b) protest the Intolerable Acts
c) stop bands of outlaws in the backcountry
d) prevent royal regualtions

Slaves from the west coast of Africa were vital to South Carolina because
a) they were skilled in production and cultivation of rice
b) they were skilled in production and cultivation of cotton
c) they were skilled in production and cultivation of tobacco
d) they were skilled in production and cultivation of indigo

Who introduced indigo to South Carolina?
a) The Gullah people
b) Maria Longworth Nichols
c) Eliza Lucas Pinckney
d) Rose Summerfield

Some of the first slaves in South Carolina were brought to Charles Town by sugar planters from
a) Brazil
b) Haiti
c) Suriname
d) Barbadose

The Stone Rebellion is best described as
a) a protest against slavery
b) a slave revolt
c) a rebellion against the government
d) a tax revolt

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