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Which tool should you use to measure the volume?
a) graduated cylinder
b) pan balance
c) meter tape
d) stopwatch

Which tool should you use to measure the length around a ball?
a) graduated cylinder
b) ruler
c) scale
d) meter tape

Which of these is NOT something you can use a magnifier to do?
a) Make small objects look larger
b) Study small details of objects
c) Compare the masses of insects
d) compare the body parts of insects

Which tool would you use to observe and describe the shpae of the wings of a fly?
a) pan balance
b) meter tape
c) hand lens
d) thermometer

Which of these is used to make a qualitative observation?
a) magnifier
b) stopwatch
c) graduated cylinder
d) pan balance

Suppose you notice that a glass table feels mooth. Which term best describes this statement?
a) inference
b) quantitative observation
c) qualitative observation
d) testable question

You are about to conduct a science investigation. What should you do first?
a) clean up your desk
b) set up the equipment
c) write in your science notebook
d) listen to directions

What is the purpose of wearing a lab apron?
a) to protect your eyes and nose
b) to protect your shoes and socks
c) to protect your hands and feet
d) to protect your clothes and skin

Which is safe to taste during an experiment?
a) any clear liquid
b) any material from a clean beaker
c) anything that smells good
d) only what your teacher tells you to

Which of these could be observed using the sense of sight?
a) the temperature of the air
b) the change in the height of plants
c) the sweetness of a new chemical
d) the sound made by an engine

During an investigation, which of the following should only a teacher do?
a) be careful around heated objects
b) clean up broken glass
c) use caution when mixing solutions
d) handle plants

12. Which would BEST be measured with a stopwatch?
a) the distance between your house and school
b) the time it takes a toy car to roll down a small ramp
c) the time from one winter to the next winter
d) the distance a cart can travel when pushed

Which is a quantitative observation?
a) The car took 6 seconds to roll across the desk.
b) The car is red.
c) The birds made their nests in apple trees.
d) The colder the air, the slower mold will grow on fruit.

Which question could be answered with qualitative observations?
a) How tall is the plant?
b) How do the plant's flowers smell?
c) How many leaves are on the plant?
d) How deep are the plant's roots?

Carlos wants to measure the volume of a rock he found on the beach. Which of the following is the BEST way to do this?
a) Measure the rock on a scale, then measure another rock about the same size, and compare the findings.
b) Compare the measurements in a graduated cylinder filled with water, before and after the rock is placed in it.
c) Measure the rock with a tape measure.
d) Place the rock on one side of a balance, with another rock on the other side of the balance.

We use observations AND our background knowledge (what we know) to form what?
a) qualitative
b) inference
c) questions
d) communication

Which of the following is NOT an observation of an orange?
a) It is round in shape.
b) It is juicy.
c) It is reddish orange.
d) It's easy to peel, so it must be from Florida.

During the night, Steve was awakened by a thunderstorm. Walking to school the next day, he saw a large tree blocking the street. The best inference that he could make is that the tree was:
a) Hit by a bulldozer
b) Bombed by an airplane
c) Knocked down by the storm
d) Destroyed by a fire

Recently, Betty heard sirens roaring on a nearby street. The next day when she went to school she saw a house covered with wide black spots and smoke. Which is the most reasonable inference she could make?
a) The house was destroyed by a tornado.
b) The house was destroyed by a wild animal.
c) The house was destroyed by a fire.
d) The house was destroyed by a hurricane.

Anna rolled a ten-pound bowling ball over the difference surfaces—gravel, pebbles, grass, and sand. She then measured the distance each ball rolled. Which of these was a controlled variable in Anna’s experiment?
a) the weight of the ball
b) the pebbles
c) the sand
d) the length the ball rolled

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