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Every word has to have a ...
a) vowel
b) non-vowel
c) main idea
d) topic

Jamar saw an article about football players who got hurt. The writer supported his main idea with facts. That word support means...
a) helped
b) hurt
c) bored
d) ignored

Stacy liked to read fiction. That meant the stories were always ...
a) not real
b) real
c) sometimes real
d) either or both

Kiyashu liked to read non-fiction stories. That meant they were...
a) not read
b) real or true
c) sometimes real
d) never the same

Beyonce saw a news story about cheerleaders. The headline said that cheerleaders are smarter than other girls. In that story, the topic is...
a) cheerleaders
b) lunch
c) cheerleaders are smarter than other girls.
d) news story

Jonathan saw some tracks in the woods. The prints were big. They moved in a line that headed to a pond. Jonathan saw them and could infer that the deer was now by the water. The word infer means...
a) make
b) guess
c) ignore
d) pretend

Adam had a hard time when he tried to comprehend why Amanda was so mean in the novel about Winn Dixie. The word comprehend means...
a) understand
b) fix
c) forget
d) pretend

When Jamar read the Winn Dixie novel, he noticed a theme about friendship. The word theme means...
a) Author
b) fact
c) opinion
d) patterns

Stacy tried to analyze Opal's decision to keep Winn Dixie. He wanted to know why she worked so hard to help him. The word analyze means...
a) put together
b) take apart or investigate
c) forget
d) make

Which sentence below would be the right way to answer this question with RACEIT? Why did Opal save Winn Dixie?
a) to help
b) Opal lost her mom.
c) Opal saved Winn Dixie because she cares about people and animals who need help.
d) Her dad

In Because of Winn Dixie, we see the story from the eyes of Opal. That is called the...
a) main idea
b) topic
c) theme
d) point of view

When characters change in a story, it is called...
a) character development
b) theme
c) topic
d) main idea

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