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What is to create an unpleasant or hostile situation by uninvited and unwelcomed verbal or physical conduct?
a) Harass
b) Bystander
c) Grandma Rule
d) Digital footprint

What are mass email messages that are sent in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it?
a) Spam
b) Harass
c) Bystander
d) Blocked

Who are people who intervene and stop inappropriate behavior?
a) Upstander
b) Bystander
c) Digital Footprint
d) Grandma Rule

Who is someone who has the power to report and stop the behavior but does not do anything to stop it?
a) Bystander
b) Upstander
c) Harass
d) Spam

This is basically everything on the internet that is about you!
a) Digital Footprint
b) Upstander
c) Grandma Rule
d) Domain Extension

This is a rule that makes you mindful of your digital footprint. Like being comfortable haveing a parent check your photos, videos or posts.
a) Grandma Rule
b) Rule of 3
c) Digital Footprint
d) Publisher

The following are Guidelines for Online Citizenship except...
a) Being a bully.
b) Being respectful.
c) Think before you post.
d) Follow the golden rule of treating others like you wish to be treated.

Staying safe online includes...
a) Using your street smarts and common sense.
b) Don't be skeptical of new people online
c) Share your name, age, and where you live.
d) Accept anyone who sends you a friend request.

The following are actions you should take with Online Bullies except...
a) Be a bully back
b) Don't retaliate
c) Use that service's reporting or abuse tools
d) Be an upstander, not a bystander.

General Rules for online behaviour include the following...
a) Be an upstander and think before you post
b) Be kind and polite
c) Be honest
d) all of the above

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