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Who really kills Mr. Ewell?
a) Atticus
b) Boo Radley
c) Jem
d) Suicide

Which line is repeated throughout the text?
a) You should always kill a mockingbird.
b) You never know someone until you walk around in their shoes.
c) Atticus is a coot we should never listen to.
d) Scout is not reliable

What does Scout dress up as in the play?
a) A turkey
b) A pilgrim
c) A ham
d) An Indian

Why does Scout get into fights?
a) To protect her father
b) Jem is a coward
c) To defy authority
d) To impress Boo Radley

How old is Scout when the story begins?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 12
d) 22

Who's point of view tells us the story?
a) Scout
b) Jem
c) Atticus
d) Calpurnia

Why are the children disappointed in their father?
a) He won't fight.
b) He's too old for things.
c) He's inattentive with his reading.
d) He defends blacks.

What is one item Scout and Jem find in the tree?
a) Soap dolls
b) Pencils
c) A yo-yo
d) Cash

What does Jem lose when sneaking up to Boo Radley's house?
a) His Shirt
b) His Comb
c) His Pants
d) His Wallet

Who does Scout listen to the most in the novel?
a) Scout doesn't listen to anyone.
b) Jem
c) Dill
d) Atticus

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