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What was an important result of the Neolithic Revolution?
a) Food supplies became more reliable.
b) New sources of energy became available.
c) People became more nomadic.
d) Populations declined.

Which statement most accurately describes how geography affected the growth of the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Mesopotamia?
a) River valleys provided rich soil to grow plentiful crops.
b) Large deserts provided many mineral deposits.
c) Access to the Atlantic Ocean provided trade routes.
d) Large savanna areas provided protection from invaders.

During which period did the domestication of animals and growing of crops first occur?
a) Iron Age
b) Old Stone Age
c) Neolithic Revolution
d) Scientific Revolution

Which geographic factor had a major influence on the development of both Egyptian and Babylonian civilization
a) river valleys
b) cool temperatures
c) locations near a strait
d) mountains

The development of early civilizations usually depended on
a) the formation of democratic governments
b) a location near large deposits of gold and silver
c) the existence of large armies
d) a plentiful water supply and fertile land

At the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution, the most direct impact of - • Planting wheat and barley • Domesticating animals • Establishing permanent homes and villages was on
a) religion and government
b) transportation and trade
c) diet and shelter
d) climate and topography

The early civilizations of the Nile River Valley, Mesopotamia, and the Yellow River Valley were similar because they were
a) industrialized societies
b) monotheistic
c) dependent on fertile land
d) dependent on each other for trade

Which geographic factor was most important to the development of the early river valley civilizations?
a) fertile soils
b) high mountains
c) vast deserts
d) smooth coastlines

One reason for the development of an early civilization in the Tigris-Euphrates river valleys was that
a) the location protected people from land invasion
b) periodic flooding left rich soil, which was ideal for farming
c) these rivers provided a direct trade route between Europe and Asia
d) these rivers flowed into the Mediterranean Sea

The ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt were similar in that both cultures
a) developed along rivers
b) used the ziggurat form for their temples
c) established trade routes to China
d) used a hieroglyphic writing system

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