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The government of Kenya could BEST be described as
a) a constitutional monarchy.
b) a republic.
c) an absolute monarchy.
d) a dictatorship.

In Kenya the citizens are allowed to vote. They vote for the president and members of the National Assembly. The country is not ruled by a monarch. Why is Kenya considered a republic?
a) The legislature has only one chamber.
b) The citizens are not allowed to vote for president.
c) The leader of the country is a king.
d) The citizens elect leaders to represent them.

When comparing the governments of Kenya and Sudan, which is correct concerning the role of the citizen?
a) Citizens in both countries directly vote on laws.
b) Citizens in Sudan have a greater influence on the government through elections.
c) Citizens in both countries rely on courts to make laws.
d) Citizens in Kenya have a greater influence on the government through elections.

As a Parliamentary form of government how is the President of South Africa elected?
a) The president is appointed by the Prime Minister.
b) All citizens vote for the president.
c) The national assembly elects the president.
d) The president is elected by the cabinet.

Anyone over the age of 18 may vote in elections that determine the National Assembly. ‚óŹ The National Assembly chooses one person to
a) presidential dictatorship.
b) parliamentary democracy.
c) democratic dictatorship.
d) federalist confederation.

Following a military takeover of the government in 1989, Omar al-Bashir acted as the authoritarian ruler (dictator) of
a) Libya
b) South Africa
c) Sudan
d) Kenya

Which of these countries is ruled by a dictator?
a) Sudan
b) South Africa
c) Morocco
d) Kenya

In which country would citizens most likely be arrested and harshly punished for expressing an opinion that opposes government policies?
a) Kenya
b) Libya
c) Sudan
d) South Africa

In what country from the standards did the movie Born Free take place?
a) Sudan
b) Egypt
c) Kenya
d) South Africa

What physical feature of Kenya was in the movie Born Free?
a) savanna
b) Sahara Desert
c) tropical rainforest
d) Sahel

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