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What is the name of the river which flows northward from Lake Victoria and empties into the Mediterranean Sea?
a) Niger River
b) Congo River
c) Mississippi River
d) Nile River

The name of Africa's deepest fresh water lake is
a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Congo
c) Lake Tanganykia
d) Lake Chad

The largest hottest desert in the world is
a) Kalaharia Desert
b) Sahara Desert
c) Atacamba Desert
d) Dead Desert

This river of Africa is used for transportation and trade - however it is very dangerous
a) Niger River
b) Congo River
c) Nile River
d) Red River

The region of Africa is considered to be a semi-arid strip of land in which the main occupation is herding and subsistence farming
a) Sahara Desert
b) Savanna
c) Sahel
d) Rain Forests

Logging is the principle means of survival for this region of the Africa.
a) Rain Forests
b) Sahara Desert
c) Sahel
d) Savanna

Deforestation is the
a) spreading of desert like land into areas that were once fertile
b) cleaning roads
c) sharing food
d) cutting down of trees without replating

Air pollution, soil erosion, water pollution, desertification are all considered to be
a) political issues
b) medical issues
c) environmental issues
d) character traits

This is Africa's largest fresh water lake
a) Lake Victoria
b) Lake Chad
c) Lake Tanganykia
d) Lake Red

Bantu culture is credited for introducing _______________ to other cultures of Africa
a) silk
b) roads
c) iron tools
d) masks

Subsistence farming is
a) growing crops to sell
b) growing enough food for your family
c) cutting trees
d) burning farms

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