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What was the first permanent Spanish settlement built in La Florida?
a) Jamestown
b) Plymouth
c) Roanoke
d) St. Augustine

The settlement of San Miguel de Gualdape was doomed because which of the following:
a) Their leader De Ayllon died in the first weeks
b) Brutal winter hit the Coast
c) Settlers did not have enough provisions
d) All of the above

What religious group led by Jean Ribault built the settlement of Charlesfort in South Carolina?
a) Baptists
b) Catholics
c) Huguenots
d) Puritans

The French explorers established trading posts along the Mississippi River and named the area ____________ after their King
a) Louisiana
b) Wyoming
c) California
d) Oregon

French explorers sailed down the St. Lawrence river and established what major cities in todays Canada?
a) Detroit and Chicago
b) New York and Boston
c) Philadelphia and Toronto
d) Montreal and Quebec

The Spanish used Native Americans as slaves on their plantations and gold mines. After large numbers of Natives died of small pox who was used to replace them?
a) African Slaves
b) English merchants
c) Chinese Immigrants
d) Italian tenant farmers

The Spanish established large plantations in the Americas called _______________________
a) Tenant Farms
b) Subsistence Farms
c) Caravels
d) Encomiendas

What European disease killed up to 90% of Native American populations in the Americas during the Age of Exploration?
a) Chicken Pox
b) Measles
c) Rubella
d) Smallpox

Which of the following was NOT an advantage the Spanish Conquistadors had over the Native people of the Americas?
a) Better Weaponry such as cannons, steel swords, and armor
b) Quicker transportation through caravels and horses
c) More soldiers and men than native tribes
d) The spread of disease to the Native people killing large numbers

What was the purpose of Columbus’s voyage?
a) to make an accurate world map
b) to build the city of St. Augustine
c) to find a western route to Asia
d) to prove the earth was flat

Who financed the four voyages of Christopher Columbus that brought him to the New World?
a) Prince Phillip of France
b) Queen Elizabeth of England
c) Prince Henry of Portugal
d) King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain

Why did the first European explorers come to America?
a) To civilize the Indians
b) In search of silver, gold, and other natural resources
c) To plant potatoes
d) To build cities

What was the time period of history where Europeans traveled the world in search of goods, land, and trade partners?
a) Dark Ages
b) Middle Ages
c) Renaissance
d) Age of exploration

What was the first cash crop grown in the colony of Jamestown?
a) Rice
b) Corn
c) Tobacco
d) Potatoes

Who was the most famous explorer to visit South Carolina
a) Hernando De Soto
b) Francisco Gordillo
c) Ferdinand Magellan
d) Prince Henry

What was the name given to the group of people that separated from the Church of England to settle in Plymouth, Massachusetts?
a) Congregationalists
b) Indentured servants
c) Quakers
d) Pilgrims

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