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Lines of longitude run...
a) North and East
b) North and South
c) East and West
d) South and West

A relative location tells...
a) Which continent something is on
b) The lines of latitude and longitude
c) The exact coordinates
d) How far one place is from another

A ___________________ map highlights land features
a) Thematic
b) Physical
c) Political
d) Country

Latitude measures how far from ____________________ you are.
a) North America
b) The Prime Meridian
c) The Atlantic Ocean
d) The equator

Which is FALSE about a Mixed Economy?
a) You can mix command and traditional economies
b) You can mix traditional and market economies
c) You can mix command and market economies
d) It's not as common as plain market economies

In which economy do people have the same jobs as their ancestors?
a) Traditional
b) Command
c) Market
d) None of these

Most countries in the world have...
a) A traditional system
b) A market system
c) A command system
d) None of these

Which economic system has people motivated by profit and competition?
a) Traditional
b) They all do
c) Command
d) Market

Which is true about traditional economies?
a) Workers are urged to work quickly
b) People are quick to use new ideas and technology
c) They are found in poor nations
d) China has one

Cuba, China, and North Korea all have...
a) A traditional economy
b) A market economy
c) A command economy
d) No economy

Which is true about a Command economy?
a) The United States is an example
b) Everyone earns the same
c) You earn more money if you do a great job
d) People need to supply their own housing and education

A market economy is based upon...
a) Workers and Pay
b) Cost and Profit
c) Trade and Money
d) Supply and Demand

Which type of economic system has the government choosing everyone's job?
a) Command
b) Market
c) Mixed
d) Traditional

On a map, a ____________ tells you the distance one inch equals.
a) Key
b) Scale
c) Compass Rose
d) Title

Africa is bordered by these two oceans...
a) Indian and Pacific
b) Pacific and Arctic
c) Atlantic and Pacific
d) Atlantic and Indian

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