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a) superlative
b) proactive
c) exacting
d) repulsion

to push
a) pos/pon
b) lat
c) act/ag
d) puls/pel

that which is expected
a) specter
b) prospect
c) tenacious
d) legacy

easy to understand
a) elucidate
b) lucid
c) photogenic
d) providential

attractive in pictures
a) elucidate
b) invidious
c) providential
d) photogenic

to speak
a) phot/phos
b) fa
c) dic/dict
d) voc/vok

to look at
a) spec/spect
b) luc
c) phot/phos
d) dic/dict

to widen
a) superlative
b) exacting
c) dilate
d) circumspect

dependent upon
a) relative
b) superlative
c) providential
d) propel

stubbornly persistent
a) confound
b) circumspect
c) replete
d) tenacious

After weeks of eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Kellie began to feel a ____ for them.
a) aptitude
b) suspect
c) adept
d) repulsion

The medical researcher is going to ___ a new idea on a possible cure for AIDS.
a) impose
b) posit
c) prefigure
d) reform

A group that attends an important person
a) retinue
b) figment
c) effigy
d) sustain

Fred’s _____ that the party was a disaster was a disaster drew agreement from the whole group.
a) dictum
b) edict
c) pronouncement
d) retinue

Scientists were amazed to discover that the plant was not ___ at all, and could grow in total darkness.
a) translucent
b) phosporescent
c) phototropic
d) photogenic

Giving off light without heat
a) phototropic
b) phosporescent
c) translucent
d) photgenic

Lucky; fortunate
a) circumspect
b) lucid
c) translucent
d) providential

to charge with a crime
a) invoke
b) revoke
c) renounce
d) reform

to bring back to rightness
a) indict
b) renounce
c) affable
d) invoke

To support for an extended period of time
a) ineffable
b) sustain
c) renounce
d) revoke

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