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What is my favorite color?
a) Red
b) Pink
c) Blue
d) Purple

What are the names of my two cats?
a) Eddie and Scooter
b) Gumball and Fluffy
c) Eddie and Gumball
d) Sampson and Niki

Where did I study abroad 2014
a) Prague
b) Dublin
c) Barcelona
d) Oxford

What is my middle name?
a) Mary
b) Ellen
c) Elizabeth
d) Lucy

I have how many siblings?
a) One brother
b) Two brothers
c) One brother and one sister
d) One sister

My Starbucks order is
a) Chai Tea latte
b) Carmel Machiatto with skim milk
c) Vanilla latte with skim milk
d) Iced mocha latte

I'd rather be...
a) Sking
b) Hiking
c) At the beach
d) At the lake

My favorite number?
a) 78
b) 25
c) 7
d) 8

I'm from what state?
a) New Jersey
b) Maine
c) Virginia
d) North Carolina

Favorite Candy?
a) Twislers
b) Sour Patch
c) Reeses
d) Twix

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