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The total amount of money outstanding on a loan.Face value or Original amount of the loan
a) Finance charge
b) Principal
c) Dividend
d) Mutual Fund

Usually, the higher the risk, the higher your potential return on investment will be
a) Risk and Return
b) Short-term savings instruments
c) Bonds
d) Financial plans

Lamar believes that interest rates are going to fall in the near future and remain low for a considerable period of time. She should invest in:
a) FDIC Insures savings vehicles $250,000
b) capital gains
c) Short-term savings instruments
d) A long-term, fixed rate certificate of deposit

If you withdraw the money early on a CD you have to pay a ________
a) penalty
b) reward
c) fixed-income security
d) A savings plan

you are loaning a bank money for a set period of time and getting interest in return.
a) Stocks
b) certificates of deposit
c) liquidity
d) Finance charge

Money that is made ( a profit) by selling an asset like a home or stocks
a) The annual percentage rate (APR)
b) Mutual Fund
c) Series EE bonds
d) capital gains

An investment that pools or Groups the money of many shareholders and invests it in a diversified portfolio of securities, such as stocks, bonds, and money market assets
a) Mutual Fund
b) FDIC Protecting Bank account 250,000
c) Risk and Return
d) capital gains

Bonds are frequently bought and sold like cash and are considered a fairly ________form of investment.
a) High Risk
b) Low Risk
c) Financial plans
d) capital gains

When you purchase a bond, you are _______money to that entity for a defined period of time and at a fixed interest rate.
a) A long-term, fixed rate certificate of deposit
b) Loaning
c) fixed-income security
d) The annual percentage rate (APR)

protects depositor's money in case of the failure of a bank; up to $250,000.00
a) FDIC by $250,000
b) NWA
c) FBI
d) NBA

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