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The cell theory states all of the following except
a) Cells are made of atoms
b) All living things are made of cells
c) Cells are the basic units of structure and function of living things
d) Cells come from other living cells

Which is a unicellular organism
a) bacteria
b) fungi
c) plants
d) animals

the most basic unit of life
a) cell
b) Prokaryote
c) Organ
d) tissue

Your heart is an example of what?
a) organ
b) cell
c) tissue
d) Organ system

Another word for a living thing
a) organism
b) atom
c) none of these
d) virus

Organs make up:
a) Organ systems
b) Cells
c) Tissue
d) None of these

Tissues make up:
a) organs
b) cells
c) Organ systems
d) None of these

Cells make up:
a) Tissue
b) Organ
c) Organ systems
d) None of these

Which organ system fights off illness?
a) Lymphatic
b) Circulatory
c) Respiratory
d) Excretory

Which organ system is responsible for removing excess fluid from the body and returning it to the blood?
a) Lymphatic
b) Respiratory
c) Excretory
d) Nervous

Which system breaks down food?
a) digestive
b) Nervous
c) Circulatory
d) Respiratory

The Nervous system is respinsible for:
a) Sending and receiving messages through out the body.
b) Breaking down food
c) Removing excess fluid from the body
d) Carry oxygen into the body

The respiratory system is responsible for:
a) Removing carbon dioxide from the body
b) Fighting off illness
c) Breaking down food
d) Sending messages

The respiratory system is responsible for:
a) Carring oxygen into the body
b) Pumps blood through arteries
c) Digest and remove waste
d) Send messages to the brain

What are the main organs of the circulatory system?
a) Heart and arteries
b) Brain and spinal cord
c) Small intestine and large intestine
d) Spleen and tonsils

Which organ system is responsible for pumping blood through the body?
a) Circulatory
b) Respiratory
c) Digestive
d) Lymphatic

Which organ system is responsible for the breakdown of food?
a) Digestive
b) Respiratory
c) Excretory
d) Lymphatic

Which system pumps blood thoughout the body?
a) circulatory
b) digestive
c) lymphatic
d) endocrine

Your stomach is ......
a) an organ
b) Cell
c) organ system
d) a type of tissue

Which is the correct order of cellular organization?
a) Cell, tissue, organ, organ system
b) tissue cell organ, organ system
c) organ system, tissue, cell
d) cell, organ, tissue

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