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What has been happening in Thebes that brings all members of the community to Oedipus’s palace for answers?
a) A terrible beast, a Sphinx, has been terrifying the city.
b) A raging volcano has sent rivers of lava through the streets.
c) A plague has descended upon the entire city; death and decay is everywhere.
d) Gigantic swarms of locusts have descended upon the city.

Who does Oedipus send to Delphi to learn how to save Thebes?
a) Jocasta
b) Creon
c) Laius
d) Antigone

Oedipus became the King of Thebes because
a) he married Jocasta
b) he inherited the throne
c) he was able to solve the riddle of the sphinx
d) he was able to kill Laius without anyone suspecting him

An example of dramatic irony is the statement that
a) Oedipus: “I shall fight for him in this matter, as if for my own father.”
b) Creon: “I am ready to speak, or should we go inside?”
c) Chorus: “Alas! For I bear countless woes; disease falls upon Thebes.”
d) Jocasta: “Phocis the land is named; There are two separate roads converge in one.”

Tiresias is
a) fearful of Oedipus’ anger
b) unwilling to answer Oedipus’ inquiries
c) unwilling to speak in front of the people of Thebes
d) in conspiracy with Creon so Creon can discredit Oedipus

After Tiresias speaks against against Oedipus, the chorus
a) believes Tiresias because they see him as a prophet capable of knowing the truth
b) exiles Tiresias because he has accused Oedipus without evidence
c) feels both Oedipus and Tiresias are speaking in anger
d) tells Tiresias to send for a shepherd to support his accusation

After Oedipus becomes angry with Creon, the chorus
a) supports Oedipus
b) demands Jocasta’s sacrifice
c) wants Oedipus to put Creon to death and add to their suffering
d) refuses to judge Oedipus’s behavior

Why is Creon upset at the opening of scene 2?
a) Oedipus has accused Creon of treason
b) King Laius was never given a proper burial
c) Jocasta believes that he is plotting against Oedipus
d) Tiresias has foretold an evil omen for Creon

Oedipus begins to suspect that he is the murderer of Laius when
a) Tiresias accuses him
b) Creon returns from Delphi and brings news of an evil that is sheltered within Thebes
c) Jocasta tells the story of Laius’ death
d) The messenger reveals that he was not Polybus’ real son

No one attempted to find out the truth about what had happened to Laius because:
a) they thought they already knew the truth.
b) they were too busy trying to defeat the Sphinx that was terrifying Thebes.
c) Jocasta told the people that she was distraught enough without learning more
d) everyone who tried to learn the truth ended up dead.

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