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What is a huge body of air with similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure?
a) air mass
b) front
c) continental
d) polar

The boundary between 2 air masses
a) front
b) air mass
c) continental
d) tropical

Warm air is less dense so it __________.
a) rises
b) sinks
c) jumps up and down
d) depends

Cold air sinks because it is
a) more dense
b) more pressure
c) less dense
d) less pressure

a) Tropical
b) Polar
c) Continental
d) Maritime

Wet or moist
a) Maritime
b) Continental
c) Polar
d) Tropical

a) Polar
b) Tropical
c) Maritime
d) Continental

a) Continental
b) Tropical
c) Maritime
d) Polar

Which would have the most relative humidity?
a) maritime tropical
b) continental polar
c) maritime polar
d) continental tropical

Which forms over water
a) maritime
b) continental
c) polar
d) tropical

Which forms near the poles
a) Polar
b) Continental
c) maritime
d) tropical

Which forms over land?
a) Continental
b) Maritime
c) Tropical
d) Polar

Which forms near or around the equator
a) tropical
b) polar
c) continental
d) maritime

What is humidity?
a) the amount of moisture in the air
b) the temperature of the air
c) where the air originates
d) where the air is heading

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