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During mummification, which was thrown away?
a) liver
b) lungs
c) brain
d) intestines

Who was the goddess of writing and measurement?
a) Seshet
b) Hathor
c) Horus
d) Ra

Who was the god of mummification?
a) Osiris
b) Isis
c) Anubis
d) set

What is the term for an Egyptian name plate?
a) cartouche
b) hieroglyphic
c) hathor
d) name icon

Who was not used to build pyramids?
a) farmers
b) officials
c) craftsment
d) slaves

What angle was used to build pyramids?
a) 52
b) 60
c) 45
d) 39

What material was used to build pyramids?
a) granite
b) mudbrick
c) limestone
d) cement

On what area were pyramids built?
a) plateau
b) desert
c) arable land
d) delta

How long was the natron applied?
a) 30 days
b) 40 days
c) 60 days
d) 80 days

Which of these was not one of Tut's rooms?
a) antechamber
b) annex
c) guardian room
d) treasury

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