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Choose the correct use of 'trudge' in a sentence.
a) Mary had trudge that she would win the game.
b) George trudged home after spending hours in detention.
c) Gomer trudged in the bathroom because he didn't want to go to class.
d) I felt trudge that my brother didn't make the playoffs.

Resilient means..
a) To walk slowly
b) To have energy
c) To be rubber
d) To recover quickly; to snap back into shape

Author's purpose includes...
a) To make us read.
b) To persuade, inform, or entertain.
c) To write
d) To question and inspect

Choose the correct usage of the word 'they're'
a) Shiela has they're pencils
b) Jennifer can't find they're Takis.
c) The team won the game; they're really tired, though.
d) They're they are.

Choose the correct use of the word 'there'
a) Shiela has there food.
b) Shiela has the books, but there a little torn.
c) Shiela left the books for you over there.
d) Are the books theres?

Choose the correct use of the word 'their'
a) I didn't go their because I went to school.
b) I have their pencils in my desk.
c) Brittany didn't find the coins; their still lost.
d) Their they are.

Choose the correct usage of 'linger' in a sentence.
a) I don't linger in the bathrooms because I don't want to be late to class.
b) I don't have a linger -- my sister has it.
c) I am linger because I take a long time.
d) She lingered and ran to class.

Choose the correct use of 'sheepish' in a sentence
a) I had sheepish when I rode my bike.
b) I went sheepish after dinner.
c) I felt sheepish when I missed the goal and lost the game.
d) I didn't sheepish.

The correct meaning of 'scowl' is...
a) To feel angry at someone
b) An angry or serious expression
c) To be focused
d) A happy expression

The correct meaning of 'conviction' is...
a) to scowl
b) to feel brave
c) a confident belief or opinion
d) an unhappy belief

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