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A cargo ship is carrying oil from the Middle East to the United States. This would be an example of which theme of geography:
a) Location
b) Place
c) Region
d) Movement

The following statement best relates to which theme: Latin America is a region formed by the mainly Spanish speaking countries of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean islands. Most Latin Americans are Spanish speaking and Roman Catholic
a) Relative Location
b) Human characteristics of a place
c) movement of goods
d) Human-Environment Interactions

The Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the world. It is hot, dry, and lacking vegetation. This sentence best relates to which of the five themes of geography
a) location
b) place
c) movement
d) Human- Environment Interaction

Which pair correctly classifies a region?
a) perceptual region- Panama Canal
b) perceptual region - Bible Belt
c) functional region - The Netherlands
d) formal region - The Old South

The location of a place using the latitude-longitude grid system is referred to as
a) Region
b) Absolute location
c) Relative location
d) Place

Regions are areas on the earth that share
a) Absolute locations
b) common characteristics
c) Relative locations
d) Places

The following is a good example of a functional region
a) Houston Metro System
b) An area with a humid-subtropical climate
c) A town where 95% of the people are Catholic
d) A city where nearly everyone speaks Spanish

This statement...The Tropic of Cancer is located north of the Equator...describes which theme of geography?
a) Region
b) Absolute location
c) Relative location
d) Place

Which of the following themes of geography addresses the exchange of people, places, and ideas between different parts of the world?
a) Location
b) Place
c) Movement
d) Human-Environment Interaction

The Middle East is considered a single cultural region by most geographers because
a) it has a warm, dry climate
b) fertile river valleys
c) it has many deserts and mountain areas
d) its people share a common history and heritage

A cartogram provides useful information because it can accurately represent
a) the actual size of various nations
b) the topography of an area
c) trade and travel routes
d) relative differences between various nations

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