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Russian governmental leadership includes both
a) President and Jafar
b) President and Chancellor
c) President and Prime Minister
d) President and Monarch

A difference between the governmental leaders of Germany and UK is
a) UK has a monarch and Germany does not
b) UK has a chancellor and Germany does not
c) Germany has a monarch and UK does not
d) Germany has a Prime minister and UK does not

Who is the leader of the UK’s government?
a) Prime Minister
b) Queen
c) President
d) Jafar

What are 4 European countries that are NOT members of the EU?
a) Iceland, Germany, Russian, Poland
b) Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Spain
c) Iceland, Switzerland, Russia, Turkey
d) Germany, Italy, France, Portugal

The formation of the European Union (EU) is an example of:
a) Confederation
b) Federation
c) Dictatorship
d) Globalization

This country has a parlimemtary democracy.
a) Russia
b) US
c) Germany
d) UK

The US is an example of:
a) Presidential Democracy
b) Unitary Government
c) Parlimentary Democracy
d) Confederate Government

The United Kingdom (UK)has this type of government
a) Democracy
b) Unitary
c) Federal
d) Oligarchy

These two countries share political power between both central government and regional government.
a) US and UK
b) UK and Russia
c) US and Russia
d) Germany and Russia

The country that allows citizens to elect only the legislature (and not the official leader) of their government is
a) Russia
b) US
c) Germany
d) United Kingdom (UK)

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