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A young lady was wanting to find the density of a coin? She was able to measure the volume of the coin as 125 and the mass to be 3. What is the approximate density of the coin?
a) 2 g/cm
b) .02 g/cm
c) 20 g/cm
d) .002 g/cm

What is the formula for finding volume of a cube?
a) m/v
b) l x w x h
c) v/m
d) s x s

What unit is mass measured in?
a) g
b) mg
c) mL
d) in

What tool would be used to measure volume of a cube?
a) triple beam balance
b) spring scale
c) beaker
d) ruler

What is the formula for finding density of an object?
a) s x s
b) l x w x h
c) m/v
d) v/m

What units would you use when measuring volume?
a) mm
b) L
c) g
d) mL

What tool does a scientist measure mass?
a) graduated cylinder
b) triple beam balance
c) hot plate
d) beaker

An electrician wants to find the density of his tool box. The mass measures 58.5 g and the volume is 5 mL. What is the density of the tool box?
a) 11.7 g/cm
b) 10 g/cm
c) 18 g/cm
d) 8.5 g/cm

A girl needs to find the density of a cube. Each side of the cube measures 5cm and has a mass of 450 g. What is the approximate density?
a) 36 g/cm
b) 30 g/cm
c) 3.6 g/cm
d) 3.0 g/cm

A boy had a cube that has a side that measures 3 cm and a mass of 216 g. What would be the density of the cube?
a) 8 g/cm
b) 5.5 g/cm
c) 27 g/cm
d) 9 g/cm

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