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A simple sentence is..
a) simple
b) dependent
c) independent
d) short

A compound sentence is joined by..
a) two independent clauses
b) two subordinating conjunctions
c) two coordinating conjunctions
d) a coordinating conjunction and a coma

a coordinating conjunction can be joined by a semicolon if…
a) the dependent clauses are closely related
b) the independent clauses are closely related
c) the dependent clauses are not closely related
d) the independent clauses are not closely related

FANBOYS stands for...
a) for, and, nor, but, or, your, so
b) for, a, not, but, or, yet, so
c) for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so
d) for, a, not, but, or, you're, so

A WHITE BUS is used to remember...
a) subordinating conjunctions
b) coordinating conjunctions
c) complex sentences
d) compound sentences

A dependent clause...
a) makes a complete thought
b) is short
c) begins with a coordinating conjunction
d) begins with a subordinating conjunction

A complex sentence joins...
a) one dependent clause and one coordinating conjunction
b) one dependent clause with another dependent clause
c) one independent clause and one dependent clause
d) one independent clause with another independent clause

When the dependent clause is at the beginning of the sentence it is set off by what?
a) a semicolon
b) a coma
c) a colon
d) a period

A predicate is...
a) the subject.
b) the entire sentence.
c) the action the subject does.
d) the punctuation at the end of the sentence.

FANBOYS is used to remember...
a) subordinating conjunctions
b) coordinating conjunctions
c) simple sentences
d) compound sentences

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