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How do dams affect the water supply in the Middle East?
a) Dams allow cities that are downstream to get more water than those countries that are upstream.
b) Dams cut the water supply to countries downstream, limiting the amount of water that those countries receive.
c) Dams stop water from flowing downstream altogether, causing countries downstream to experience major droughts.
d) Dams have no effect on the water supply in the Middle East.

How has the discovery of oil in some Southwest Asian countries affected the economic development in this area?
a) Countries with oil reserves have not enjoyed great growth in their national wealth, but experienced economic declines.
b) Countries with a lot of oil have made a fortune, and spent it all on building new oil refineries.
c) Countries with oil reserves have enjoyed great growth and national wealth and an improved standard of living
d) Countries with a lot of oil have populations that are on the brink of starvation.

Who are the nomadic people that live in the deserts, herding sheep and cattle? They make a living by trading animals and handmade goods to those who live on the edge of the desert.
a) Qanats
b) Rub-al-Khali
c) Shatt al Arab
d) Bedouins

Who controlled the first drilling and refining companies in Southwest Asia?
a) The United States and China
b) The United States and Europe
c) Canada and the United States
d) Europe and China

Which two rivers flow through Syria?
a) The Nile and the Euphrates Rivers
b) The Euphrates and the Jordan Rivers
c) The Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers
d) The Ganges and the Euphrates Rivers

Which Southwest Asian countries have the greatest reserves of oil?
a) Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan
b) Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait
c) Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey
d) Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq

What rivers begin in Turkey?
a) The Jordan and the Tigris Rivers
b) The Jordan and the Euphrates
c) The Mekong and the Euphrates
d) The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

When were the first deposits of oil and natural gas found in the Middle East?
a) Early 1900s
b) Early 1960s
c) Early 2000s
d) Early 1800s

What types of creative ways have Southwest Asians used to get water to their crops in the field?
a) animal-powered pumps and nuclear power
b) water wheels and qanats
c) hydroelectric power and electric water pumps
d) qanats and an aquifer

What two bodies of water are linked by the Suez Canal?
a) Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea
b) Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz
c) Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
d) The Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea

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