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What is a qanat?
a) An underground tunnel that brings water from the hills to the dry plains
b) An irrigation canal that allows farmers to get water to their crops
c) An underground source of water that can only be tapped into once
d) A large river that flows into the Persian Gulf

What three major river systems are located in Southwest Asia?
a) Euphrates River, Mekong River, Tigris River
b) Tigris River, Jordan River, Euphrates River
c) Tigris River, Persian Gulf, Euphrates River
d) Jordan River, Tigris River, Ganges River

What is it called when the TIgris and Euphrates Rivers come together before they flow into the Persian Gulf?
a) Persian Gulf
b) Shatt-al-Arab
c) Taurus Mountains
d) Rub-al-Khali

What is subsistence agriculture?
a) When farmers grow a crop to sell to another company
b) When farmers cannot grow enough crops to feed their families
c) When farmers grow just enough food for their families or small local needs
d) When farmers pour salt into their soil to ruin their crops

What is an embargo?
a) A tax that is placed on imported and exported goods
b) When a country is better at making a specific product than other countries
c) A slow down or temporary halt of trade to a specific country
d) The amount of money it takes to change from one currency to another

What has happened to farms that have used chemical fertilizers for many years?
a) Farmers have fertilized with salt, which has ruined the soil
b) Salt has built up in the soil, making it hard to grow crops
c) Farmers have fertilized with chemicals, and they have made the soil more fertile
d) Salt has built up in the soil, making it very easy to grow crops

What does the organization OPEC do?
a) They regulate the price of the world's oil
b) They discuss what countries they are going to sell oil to
c) They change the price of the world's oil
d) They decide who is going to pump oil and who is going to sell oil

What 4 bodies of water surround the Southwest Asian area that we are studying?
a) Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Baltic Sea
b) Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea
c) Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea
d) Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf, Arabian Sea

What desert is located between Syria and Iraq?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Syrian Desert
c) Taklimakan Desert
d) Sahara Desert

What desert is located in southern Saudi Arabia?
a) Gobi Desert
b) Rub-al-Khali
c) Sahara Desert
d) Taklimakan Desert

What does the acronym OPEC stand for?
a) Operation of Petroleum Exporting Countries
b) Operation of People Exporting Cookies
c) Organization of People Exporting Candy
d) Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

What are the two most important natural resources in Southwest Asia?
a) oil and gold
b) natural gas and silver
c) natural gas and petroleum
d) oil and natural gas

Of the world's known oil reserves, how many are located in the Middle East?
a) 30%
b) 50%
c) 60%
d) 49%

The Jordan River forms part of the border for which Middle Eastern countries?
a) Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia
b) Syria, Israel, Jordan
c) Saudi Arabia, Syria, Israel
d) Kuwait, Syria, Jordan

How do mountain ranges affect the coast in terms of weather?
a) They allow rain to go over and create lakes and rivers on the other side.
b) The mountains do not affect the amount of rain that a country receives.
c) The mountains block rain from coming inland, resulting in deserts.
d) Mountain ranges stop a little of the rain, but allow some through, and that water dries up in the desert.

How do dams affect the water supply in the Middle East?
a) They have no affect on the water supply in the Middle East.
b) They decrease the amount of water that countries upstream are receiving.
c) They increate the amount of water that countries downstreaming are receiving.
d) They cut the water supply to countries downstream, limiting their water.

How has the discovery of oil affected the economies of some Southwest Asian countries?
a) Countries with a lot of oil have seen an increase in their national wealth and an improved standard of living.
b) Countries who are rich in oil have seen a little increase in their economies, but nothing too significant.
c) Countries with oil reserves have enjoyed great growth in wealth, but no change in their standard of living.
d) Countries with oil reserves are losing money with every barrell of oil they sell, causing their population to starve.

How do farmers get water they need to their farms?
a) water wheels
b) irrigation canals
c) aquifers
d) hillside terraces

Goods were transported in caravans before THIS was built?
a) Suez Canal
b) Persian Gulf
c) Three Gorges Dam
d) Mediterranean Sea

Describe the climate of much of Southwest Asia.
a) Cool and wet
b) Hot and wet
c) Hot and dry
d) Cool and dry

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