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If you wanted to place an item on the start menu, you should _________.
a) pin the item to the start menu
b) create a shortcut on the start menu
c) place a shortcut on the desktop
d) drag the item to the task bar

You are creating a user account. The user will access the computer every day, but is not going to need to change any of the computer’s properties. Which of the following types of accounts should you create?
a) standard
b) guest
c) administrative
d) temporary

A/an ______________ is a unique name which identifies a person to Windows 7.
a) username
b) account
c) password
d) log-in name

Which of the following is not a function of the taskbar?
a) Opening the Start menu
b) Holding icons of currently running programs
c) Showing current date
d) Displaying programs running in the background

A _______________ is an icon which represents a link to an item or program, rather than the program itself.
a) shortcut
b) folder
c) file
d) hyperlink

A _______________ is an icon which represents a link to an item or program, rather than the program itself.
a) theme
b) style
c) account setting
d) design

A/an ________________ is software which checks information coming from the Internet or a network.
a) firewall
b) filter
c) user account
d) web browser

. Some buttons have two parts: a button that you can click to choose the command and an arrow that you can click to open a ____, or list, of other commands related to the button.
a) dialog box
b) status bar
c) navigation pane
d) Menu

The tabs on the Ribbon organize the commands into related tasks. The commands on each tab are organized into ____.
a) groups
b) categories
c) menus
d) sets

Windows 7 is a/an _____________________.
a) Operating system
b) Word processing program
c) Desktop publishing program
d) Database program

The Windows 7 screen uses a ____________or GUI, which displays items stored on a computer such as programs and files.
a) graphical user interface
b) ribbon
c) search
d) software

____ are small pictures that represent files, folders, programs and other items .
a) icons
b) search
c) graphical user interface
d) file

A ____ is an item that contains a collection of related information.
a) file
b) icons
c) search
d) graphical user interface

When you need to find a particular file, you should use the ______ box.
a) search
b) icons
c) file
d) software

Microsoft Office is a collection of _________________ programs.
a) software
b) file
c) graphical user interface
d) icons

Which is a database program?
a) access
b) word
c) powerpoint
d) excel

Which is a presentation program?
a) PowerPoint
b) Word
c) Access
d) Outlook

Which is a word processing program?
a) word
b) excel
c) access
d) outlook

Which is an email program?
a) outlook
b) exel
c) access
d) word

Which is a spreadsheet program?
a) excel
b) access
c) word
d) outlook

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