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What country set the pattern of colonial expansion in Asia by building trading posts along the coast of India?
a) England
b) Netherlands
c) Portugal
d) France

Who was the first missionary to arrive in Japan?
a) Hernan Cortez
b) Francisco Pizarro
c) Francis Xavier
d) Adam Smith

Why did Japanese and Chinese rulers dislike the influence of missionaries?
a) The leaders were Protestant.
b) The leaders were more interested in trade.
c) The leaders were Roman Catholic.
d) The leaders felt their power was threatened.

Why did the Chinese emperors welcome the Jesuits at first?
a) The Jesuits had a great knowledge of science.
b) The Jesuits had many goods to trade.
c) The Jesuits showed admiration for the Chinese culture.
d) The Jesuits practiced isolationism.

What is the policy China and Japan imposed which is a turning inward from the world?
a) Isolationism
b) Capitalism
c) Mercantilism
d) Socialism

What country was allowed to trade with China and Japan because they were not interested in making conquests or religious conversions?
a) England
b) The Netherlands
c) France
d) Portugal

What is one item Europeans wanted from China and Japan?
a) clocks
b) firearms
c) scientific instruments
d) silks

What is one item the Chinese wanted from the Europeans?
a) Artwork
b) Fine China
c) English Tea
d) Eyeglasses

What country finally took control of the spice trade?
a) England
b) The Netherlands
c) France
d) Portugal

What country had control of the Philippines?
a) England
b) France
c) Spain
d) The Netherlands

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