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A well mixed mixture is called a(n) ____________.
a) solution
b) suspension
c) mixture
d) solute

In a solution, the solute is dissolved by the ____________.
a) solvent
b) mixture
c) suspension
d) compound

The material moved by erosion is called _________.
a) sediment
b) filter
c) abrasion
d) weathering

Rock and soil slide quickly down a slope in one large mass is called ____________.
a) slump
b) mudflow
c) creep
d) abrasion

Movement of rock particles by wind, water, ice, or gravity is called _________.
a) erosion
b) weathering
c) landslide
d) oxidation

The breaking down of rock and other substances at Earth's surface is known as _______________.
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) creep
d) slump

The part of a solution that is present in the smaller amount is the ___________.
a) solute
b) solvent
c) solution
d) mixture

The part of a solution that is present in the larger amount is the __________.
a) solvent
b) solute
c) solution
d) mixture

A mixture that can be separated by settling
a) suspension
b) solution
c) solvent
d) solute

The tightness across the surface of water
a) surface tension
b) evaporation
c) suspension
d) solvent

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