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similarities among different places is called
a) relative location
b) geographic patterns
c) absolute location
d) regions

exact location
a) relative location
b) GIS
c) location
d) absolute location

Places in a region are linked by
a) trade, culture, and other human activities
b) language, religion, culture
c) continent, language, weather
d) size, trade, religion

Geographic theme that deals with humans in the environment
a) Human Systems
b) Place and Environment
c) Movement
d) Human-Environment Interaction

Region that is also a continent
a) North America
b) South America
c) Australia
d) Africa

Human Systems is the study of
a) study of past, present, future
b) earthquakes, volcanoes
c) patterns that people make
d) where places are

earthquakes and volcanoes deal with
a) Human-Environment Interaction
b) Location
c) Places
d) Physical Systems

thinking about space is called
a) relative location
b) spatial thinking
c) location
d) absolute location

Geographers study
a) why people and nations engage in trade
b) history of cities around the world
c) location of places and the people living there
d) science of how GPS works

A group of places that have common features
a) region
b) location
c) place
d) movement

Where a place is in relation to other places.
a) absolute location
b) relative location
c) location
d) GPS

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