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What is rigid and tough made of cellulose?
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

What is the thin covering that protects cells called?
a) cell wall
b) cytoplasm
c) cell membrane
d) mitochondria

The cell wall is found in _________________ cells.
a) plant
b) animal

Cytoplasm is
a) thin covering that protects the cell
b) dense , ball shaped and controls the cells activities
c) jelly like substance that contains organelles which supports the cell and pads it
d) supplies the energy or the ATP for the cell

The nucleus
a) pads and supports organelles inside the cell
b) controls all of the activities of the cell
c) stores the food, water, wastes, or enzymes
d) captures sunlight and uses it to produce food

The vacuole is
a) a large open storage area, smaller in animal cells
b) located in the cytoplasm, bean shaped
c) a green structure that contain chlorophyll
d) is a jelly like substance that contains organelles

A chloroplast
a) supplies energy or ATP for the cell through cell respiration
b) captures sunlight and uses it to produce food through photosynthesis
c) protects and supports the cell

Which are found in both plant and animal cells?
a) cell wall, cell membrane, vacuole, chloroplast
b) cytoplasm, cell wall, nucleus, mitochondria, vacuole
c) cell membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus, mitochondria, vacuole
d) cell membrane, cytoplasm, mitochondria, vacuole

A green structure that contains chlorophyll
a) vacuole
b) chloroplast
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

Bean shaped in the cytoplasm
a) mitochondria
b) cytoplasm
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

a) very tiny living things
b) only found in the air
c) only found in water
d) can be seen with the human eye

A helpful microorganism to make bread rise
a) germs
b) yeast
c) yogurt
d) nutrients

Microorganisms that are not helpful
a) germs
b) yeast
c) yougurt
d) water

Something that is easily spread among people
a) yeast
b) viruses
c) nutrients

Bacteria can cause a
a) tooth infection
b) ear infection
c) illnesses
d) all of the above

Bacteria can
a) break down dead leaves and make them into nutrients
b) only be harmful
c) only be helpful

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