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What is the abbreviation of grams
a) lbs
b) Gr
c) gam
d) g

What is the abbreviation of meters?
a) m
b) Me
c) Mt
d) met

What is the abbreviation of liters?
a) Li
b) L
c) Lit
d) lr

a) 2853m
b) 0.2853m
c) 2.853m
d) 28.53m

a) 35.2dag
b) 352dag
c) 0.352dag
d) 3.52dag

a) 0.12dm
b) 120dm
c) 1.2dm
d) 12,000dm

a) 6.6kL
b) 660kL
c) 0.66kL
d) 6,600kL

How many millimeters are in a centimeter?
a) 10mm
b) 1mm
c) 20mm
d) 500mm

What are the base metric units?
a) meters, liters, grams
b) millimeters, gallons, grams
c) Liters, grams, inches
d) pounds, liters, grams

What temperature scale has absolute 0 and no negative numbers?
a) Kelvin
b) Fahrenheit
c) Celsius

What type of liquid use to be in thermometers?
a) Mercury
b) Hydrogen
c) Neon
d) Water

Where is the fulcrum located on a triple beam balance
a) near the pointer
b) on the riders
c) beside the adjustment knob
d) the zero mark

a) 345.4mm
b) 3.454mm
c) 0.3454mm
d) 3,454mm

a) 0.562cm
b) 5,620cm
c) 5.62cm
d) 562cm

What equipment do you use to measure liquid volume?
a) ruler
b) graduated cylinder
c) triple beam balance
d) thermometer

What are the increments on a graduated cylinder?
a) mL
b) L
c) Gallons
d) Cups

What is a meniscus
a) the curve on your eyeball
b) an oval shape
c) the bottom of a graduated cylinder
d) The curve of a liquid in a graduated cylinder

Do all graduated cylinders have the same increments
a) Yes, all graduated cylinders are the same
b) No, there are a variety of increments on a graduated cylinder

What is a rider on a triple beam balance?
a) a set of sliding weights
b) students who ride the bus
c) the fulcrum of a triple beam balance
d) unknown mass

What is the largest metric prefix on the metric staircase
a) Deca-
b) Hecto-
c) Kilo-
d) Milli-

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