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Asteroids and comets both orbit the sun. What is the easiest way to tell the difference between an asteroid and a comet?
a) comets have tails; asteroids do not have tails
b) asteroids have tails; comets do not have tails

Why would you weigh more on Jupiter than on Earth?
a) because Jupiter has more mass than Earth
b) because Jupiter has less mass than Earth
c) because Jupiter is further from the sun than Earth
d) because Jupiter has more moons than Earth

A shooting star is not a star. It is a small piece of debris burning up in Earth's atmosphere. What is the term for a shooting star?
a) meteor
b) comet
c) asteroid
d) red giant star

Earth's outer core generates Earth's magnetic field. What is the outer core primarily made of?
a) iron and nickel
b) only iron
c) gold
d) platinum

Hot fluids rise. Cold fluids sink. This is the process of...
a) radiation
b) convection
c) conduction
d) transpiration

Earth's orbital period is 365 1/4 days. This refers to Earth's...
a) year/revolution
b) day/rotation
c) moon phases
d) tides

Dark, cool spots on the surface of the sun are called...
a) sun spots
b) solar flares
c) solar wind
d) the core

Which are evidence of earth's magnetic field?
a) aurora lights, a compass
b) shooting stars, a compass
c) aurora lights, shooting stars
d) eclipses

Everything on and around Earth is pulled toward the...
a) moon
b) downward (there's no down in space)
c) center of the earth
d) surface of the earth

Which layer of earth generates earth's magnetic field?
a) the outer core
b) the inner core
c) the atmosphere
d) the mantle

What is the term for daily changes in the level of ocean water, caused by GRAVITY from the moon and sun?
a) tides
b) stars appearing to orbit the earth
c) phases of the moon
d) parallax between celestial bodies

When do eclipses occur?
a) when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned
b) when the sun, earth, and moon are perpendicular to one another

Do planets orbit the sun in perfectly circular paths?
a) no, they orbit in ellipses
b) yes, they orbit in perfect circles

Rotation refers to...
a) the earth orbiting the sun (a year)
b) the earth spinning on its axis (a day)

Revolution refers to...
a) the earth orbiting the sun (a year)
b) the earth rotating on its axis (a day)

Why does the moon have a greater effect on tides than the sun?
a) because the moon is larger than the sun
b) because the moon is closer to earth than the sun
c) because the moon is denser than the sun
d) the moon does not have a greater effect on tides than the sun

Gravity between two objects depends on which two factors?
a) the weights of objects
b) the volume and density of objects
c) the distance between objects and the density of the objects
d) the masses of the objects and the distance between them

When are tidal ranges greatest? (high tide is highest, low tide is lowest)
a) when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned
b) when the sun, earth, and moon are perpendicular to each other
c) during the winter
d) during the summer

What are characteristics of gas giant planets?
a) small, close to the sun, warm, have few moons
b) large, hot, close to the sun, have many moons
c) cold, large, far from the sun, have many moons, thick gaseous atmosphere
d) small, cold, far from the sun, have few moons, thick gaseous atmosphere

What are the four terrestrial planets? (inner planets)
a) mercury, venus, earth, mars
b) jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune
c) mercury, venus, uranus, neptune
d) earth, mars, saturn, jupiter

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