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The symbol (+0) refers to which type of symboisis
a) Competition
b) Muatlism
c) Parasitism
d) Commensalism

The symbol (+-) refers to which type of symbiosis
a) Muatlism
b) Parasitism or perdation
c) commensalism
d) Habitat

The symbol (++) is an example of
a) mutualism
b) commensalism
c) parsitism
d) nitrogen cycle

In the Lion King Mufasa teaches Symba how to pounce on his prey is example of
a) Habitat
b) Predation
c) Competition
d) Ecology

Relationships in the wild can be positive or negative always resulting in _________ relationship.
a) Perdation
b) Habitat
c) Symbiosis
d) Energy

In the jungle the remains of dead animals remain after a kill, while scavengers feed on the remains best illustrate which type of symbiosis
a) Parsitism
b) Mutalism
c) Commensalism
d) Competition

The circus has an act where a monkey is riding a dogs back, describes what type of symbiosis?
a) Commensalism
b) Paristism
c) Mutualism
d) Perdation

An elephant and lion are fighting over water from a small watering hole describes what type of symbiosis?
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Predation
d) Compitition

In Africa mosquitoes are able to carry diseases causing humans are animals to get sick or die describes which type of symbiosis?
a) Mutalism
b) Parasitism
c) Commensalism
d) Habitat

What do all types of symbiosis have in common
a) They all are negative
b) Someone is always benefiting
c) They are never affected
d) They will always have both benefiting

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