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is a snapshot of a person's financial condition at a given moment. It is the total value of the person's assets, or possessions, minus the value of his or her liabilities, or debts.
a) Net worth
b) Capital
c) Examples of Assets
d) Liabilities

cash and investments—such as checking and savings accounts—personal property (jewelry, a car, or a computer), stocks (shares in a corporation), real estate, and business equipment
a) Examples of Liabilities
b) Securities
c) Examples of Assets
d) FDIC $250,000

How Quickly an asset can be converted into cash .Examples include checking accounts and savings accounts.
a) Liquidity
b) Fixed Interest
c) Stocks
d) pay yourself first Pof

are shares in a corporation or company. When a person buys a share, he or she becomes a stockholder
a) Stocks
b) Time value of money
c) 401k
d) Fixed Interest

Refers to the fact that money received today is worth more than money received next year or the year after.
a) Simple interest
b) Compound interest
c) Simple interest
d) Time value of money

Interest calculated on both the principal and the accrued interest.
a) Simple Interest
b) Compound interest
c) Liquidity
d) Securities

are financial obligations, or amounts of money you owe. Liabilities include outstanding bills and debts of any kind, such as student loans, car loans, money borrowed from friends or family, mortgages (and rent, if you have a lease), and taxes.
a) Liabilities
b) Liquidity
c) Net worth
d) Examples of Assets

Groups of stocks, bonds, and other investments managed by an investment firm
a) Compound interest
b) Mutual fund
c) FDIC 250000
d) Capital

net worth. What you have in the form of Assets, Ex propertyhouse, Savings,Investments . What your Worth
a) Capital
b) Liabilities
c) Liquidity
d) None of the above

Name giving to All of the investments, including savings account, stocks,Property, , mutual funds, 401k,Bonds,CD
a) Securities
b) Simple interest
c) 401K
d) Gain

retirement plan when employers often match a portion of every dollar you invest
a) Stocks
b) 401k
d) Net Worth

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