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What are the most harmful rays
a) gamma rays
b) x-rays
c) microwaves
d) UV

How does wind like to travel?
a) High to low
b) Low to high
c) High to high
d) Low to low

How many type of UV light are there?
a) 3
b) 1
c) 2
d) 4

Which of the following uses microwaves?
a) all of them
b) Doppler radar
c) microwave oven
d) Wifi

Which type of ray has the longest wavelength?
a) radio waves
b) infared
c) microwave
d) gamma ray

What doesn't use microwaves?
a) refrigerator
b) cell phone
c) microwave
d) high speed radar

How old is the sun believed to be?
a) 4.6 billion years old
b) 13.7 billion years old
c) 4.6 million years old
d) 13.7 million years old

Which ultraviolet wave is the worst for people?
a) C
b) B
c) A
d) Death Rays

Which UV rays cause sunburn?
a) UVB
b) UVA
c) UVC
d) Gamma rays

Which of these is completely blocked by the atmosphere?
a) X-rays
b) visible light
c) infrared light
d) radio waves

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