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Who believes that HOmer's Iliad was True
a) Everyone because it is
b) Historians
c) The Ancient Greeks
d) No one

Why did the Trojans take the horse into the city
a) They though it was a peace offering
b) They didn't they burned it
c) They were curious
d) None of the above

How did Apollo help Paris
a) Saved him by turning into a cloud
b) He told him of Achilles heel as his weaknees
c) He made him strong
d) None of the above

The story of the Trojan war
a) The Odyssey
b) The Iliad
c) Perseus and the Minotaur
d) The trials of Hercules

The legend of the Minotaur is associated with what civilizaions
a) Minoan
b) Myceneaean
c) Both
d) Neither

This was a sport and form of entertainment for the Minoans
a) Gladiator fights
b) Chariot races
c) Olympics
d) Bull Leaping

Famous Greek Poet
a) Pericles
b) HOmer
c) Socrates
d) Odysseseus

Why did the Minoans have to become advanced at shipbuilding and sailing
a) They live on an island
b) They lived on a river
c) They were not sailors

What type of source was The Iliad
a) Secondary
b) Primary
c) Encyclopedia
d) Textbook

The Minoans and Mycenaeans BOTH
a) were based on agriculture
b) traded with other civilizations
c) had a written language
d) All of the above

Which of the following landforms was Greece made up of
a) Seas
b) Peninsula
c) Islands
d) All of the above

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