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Duties include loading baggage at airport
a) air traffic controller
b) air cabin crew
c) baggage handler
d) Pilot

Duties include selling holidays, insurance and currency
a) cabin crew
b) travel agent
c) waitress
d) air traffic controller

Duties include loading/unloading baggage; fueling vehicle, planning journies
a) Coach driver
b) Pilot
c) Train driver
d) air traffic controller

Duties include negotiating with airlines and hotels for package holidays
a) Travel Agent
b) Air cabin crew
c) Tour operator
d) Coach driver

Duties include welcoming passengers, presenting safety information and serving meals and drinks
a) Waitress
b) air cabin crew
c) pilot
d) ground crew

Duties include booking venues, printing stationery for any special occasions
a) wedding planner
b) travel agent
c) tour operator
d) events organiser

Duties include pre-flight checks, keeping passengers informed of journey and landing in an emergency
a) air traffic control
b) air cabin crew
c) airline pilot
d) baggage handler

Duties include welcoming guests, dealing with any guest requests eg theatre visit
a) receptionist
b) air cabin crew
c) travel agent
d) concierge

Duties include maintaining safe airspace
a) pilot
b) air cabin crew
c) air traffic controller
d) baggage handler

Duties include monitoring people entering and leaving the country
a) air cabin crew
b) baggage hander
c) airport security
d) immigration officer

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