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Gravitational attraction depends on the ______ of the two objects and the distance they are apart.
a) speed
b) weight
c) mass
d) velocity

Objects on Earth are pulled toward _____________.
a) the north pole
b) the south pole
c) the equator
d) the center of the Earth

If air resistance is ignored and a bowling ball and a golf ball were dropped from the same height, which would hit the ground first?
a) bowling ball
b) golf ball
c) they would hit at the same time because of gravity

As an object falls, will its speed increase, decrease, or remain the same due to Earth's gravitational pull?
a) increase
b) decrease
c) remain the same

The moon is constantly changing direction due to _________.
a) friction
b) seasons
c) tides
d) gravity

A force that occurs when one object rubs against another object.
a) friction
b) fraction
c) gravity
d) acceleration

If the same amount of force is applied to two objects with different masses, what would be the result?
a) the object with less mass would move faster
b) the object with less mass would move slower
c) the object with more mass would move faster
d) the object with more mass would move slower

Rubbing your hands together quickly is an example of what?
a) friction
b) fraction
c) motion
d) gravity

A force that always attracts or pulls objects towards each other without direct contact or impact.
a) friction
b) speed
c) gravity
d) shape

Gravity acts upon all things on Earth
a) True
b) False

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