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What condition would be treated by a hematologist?
a) Tachycardia
b) Pyuria
c) Cholecystitis
d) polycythemia

A child with a common cold will usually have:
a) rhinitis
b) otosclerosis
c) arthritis
d) psychosis

A person with a history of chest pain and hypertension would benefit from seeing a:
a) dermatologist
b) gynecologist
c) cardiologist
d) gastrologist

If Emily works out excessively in the weight room, she will most likely experience:
a) myalgia
b) dysuria
c) rhinorrhea
d) arteriosclerosis

What surgery would be impossible for Mr. Smith?
a) nephrectomy
b) hysterectomy
c) arthroscopy
d) thoracentesis

If a patient has ab internal organ that is larger than normal, he/she might have:
a) dermatitis
b) rhinorrhea
c) hepatomegaly
d) gingivitis

A mammogram is a screening test for:
a) anemia
b) breast cancer
c) bradycardia
d) nephrolithiasis

A condition that may cause brain damage if left untreated is:
a) otosclerosis
b) leukopenia
c) gastritis
d) hydrocephaly

Mr. Soloman has right hemiplegia. He cannot:
a) swallow his food
b) speak clearly
c) button his shirt
d) walk without assistance

What procedure involves withdrawing fluid from a body cavity?
a) tracheotomy
b) electroencephalogram
c) thoracentesis
d) pneumonectomy

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