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Hurricanes gather heat and energy through contact with
a) cold air
b) cold water
c) land
d) warm water

The calmest part of the storm is the
a) rain bands
b) eye (center)
c) upper level atmosphere
d) outer circulation

Which of the following describes the conditions that form a hurricane.
a) warm ocean water 80 degrees or warmer.
b) Cooler atmosphere to cause water vapor to condense into clouds of the storm.
c) Winds coming together to force the warm, moist air up to a higher altitude. Light winds outside the hurricane to steer it.
d) All of the choices are correct.

Which of the following could be a result of the storm surge?
a) flooding along the coast
b) weathering and erosion of the beach sand
c) deaths from flooding
d) All answers are correct

When does hurricane season occur?
a) June 1-November 30
b) November 30-May 30
c) August 1-December 20
d) All year

What do Meteorologist used to determine the category of a hurricane?
a) Saffir-Simpson Scale
b) Fujita Scale
c) Homer Simpson
d) Barometer

Which instrument measures air pressure and what pressure is associated with hurricanes?
a) barometer; high
b) barometer; low
c) thermometer; high
d) thermometer; low

There is a strong Coriolis Effect (circulation of air due to Earth's rotation) at the poles, but hurricanes do not form there. What is missing at the poles?
a) Warm ocean water
b) Meteorologists
c) salty water
d) cold ocean water

It is very warm in the ocean at the equator. Why do hurricanes not form at the equator?
a) The Coriolis Effect (curvature of winds due to rotation of Earth) is not strong at the equator so hurricanes do not circulate
b) The Coriolis Effect is way too strong at the equator.
c) The ocean water is too cold.
d) All choices are correct

A severe storm that develps over tropical oceans and whose strong winds of more than 120km/h spiral in toward the intensely low pressure storm is called a
a) tornado
b) hurricane
c) cloud
d) cumulonimbus

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