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Which of the following best describes technology?
a) Technology is the use of electronic devices.
b) Technology is the ability to surf the internet
c) Technology is the manipulation of natural resources to make useful products
d) Technology is the method of making transportation faster

At the end of the scientific method, we can report what based on the results of the experiment
a) question
b) purpose
c) conclusion
d) hypothesis

A student designs an experiment and gets results that support her hypothesis after one trial. The student should
a) redesign the experiment to get more favorable data
b) do several trials of the experiment to see if her data is reliable
c) form a new hypothesis and try the experiment again
d) write a paper and publish the results

Mr. Harvey is trying to determine how many steps students should be limited to in order to get to his class from the restroom. He counts the steps of 5 students and records the data. Which describes the data collected by Mr. Harvey?
a) The data is reliable and Mr. Harvey should absolutely limit the number of steps students take to his class from the restroom
b) The data is reliable for determining the number of steps boys and girls should be allowed from the restroom to his class
c) The data is unreliable, so Mr. Harvey should collect better data by having only teachers as his test subjects
d) The data is unreliable, because the students have different sizes of feet.

After an experiment is conducted, the hypothesis appears to be false. This indicates
a) the experiment is a failure
b) the results are of no use
c) the data may be useful, but further testing and redesign of the experiment may be needed
d) the design of the experiment was bad

Which of the following does a scientist use to analyze the results of an experiment?
a) data
b) control factors
c) a hypothesis
d) a microscope

Which of the following is the best definition of the term independent variable
a) the variable that changes in response to the changed variable
b) the variable that does not change
c) the variable that is changed to test the hypothesis
d) the variable that is changed to prove your hypothesis correct

A student conducted a well designed scientific experiment. Which of the following needs to happen in order for the results of the experiment to be widely accepted?
a) The experiment will need to be repeated in order to verify the data
b) the results of the experiment must support the hypothesis
c) the experiment must be conducted by a real scientist
d) the experiment must contain several variables

In a scientific experiment, how me things can be tested at once?
a) 2
b) 3
c) the more the better
d) 1

How can any science experiment be improved?
a) by adding more samples and trials
b) by having only one sample in the experimental group
c) by taking less time to conduct the experiment
d) by adding more acid

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