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Which of the following is the correct definition of the term dependent variable?
a) a variable that you change
b) educated guess based on prior knowledge
c) the variable that may change in response to what you changed
d) the variable that stays the same

After six weeks of collecting data for her science fair project, Lucinda realizes that her hypothesis was incorrect the night before the science fair. What should she do now?
a) inform the teacher in charge of the science fair that she is no longer participating because of her incorrect hypothesis
b) Lie about the data collected to make it appear as if her hypothesis was correct to improve her chances of winning a ribbon
c) Finish her project and enter it into the fair with the data that proved her hypothesis wrong.
d) Ask for the due date of the project to be extended so that she can start over and prove her hypothesis correct

Which of the following statements is not true regarding science?
a) Data can be simply described and does not always need to include numbers
b) Science can not change because it is based on facts
c) The scientific method can vary slightly from one investigation to another
d) Scientists obtain information in many different ways

Which of the following statements could be a hypothesis?
a) All subjects over 50 showed no growth using hormone supplements.
b) Why is the sky blue?
c) Which instructional methods will be most effective?
d) Girls will be more responsive to the new instructional methods.

A city wanted to determine whether or not the addition of fluoride to water would prevent tooth decay. The city was large enough that there were several different areas. What is the best control for their experiment?
a) flouride in the toothpaste of some residents
b) babies with no tooth decay
c) water with no flouride added
d) water with different strengths of fluoride added

Most often the results of an experiment lead to
a) publications in scientific journals
b) theories
c) well-developed controlled experiments
d) more questions

Jen enters the 7th Grade science fair with a project about candles. She asks Will the temperature of the air affect how fast a candle burns” That is her
a) hypothesis
b) conclusion
c) problem
d) observation

The dependent variable in an experiment
a) is the variable that the scientist changes
b) is the variable that the scientist keeps the same in each step
c) is not an important part of all science experiments
d) may change in response to the change the scientist makes to the independent variable

Danny notices that the tomato plants on the sunny side of his garden are twice as tall as tall as those on the shaded side. This is an example of
a) a hypothesis
b) an observation
c) a conclusion
d) data collection

An experiment tests how light affects the growth of plants. The first plant is placed in full sunlight, the second in a shaded area, and the third in an unlit closet. What is the independent variable in this experiment?
a) type of plant
b) amount of light
c) type of soil
d) growth of the plant

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