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What is the primary reason for including a control in the design of an experiment?
a) to demonstrate in what way the experiment was performed incorrectly
b) to ensure that the results obtained are due to a difference in only one variable
c) to provide more data so that one can analyze the statistics carefully
d) to test the effect of more than one variable

A hypothesis states that wrinkled seeds will have lower germination than smooth seeds. Results support the hypothesis. However, only green wrinkled seeds germinated. Yellow wrinkled seeds did not. The experiment is
a) flawed because there were different colored seeds
b) valid because the results support the hypothesis
c) flawed because there was no seedless control
d) valid because the hypothesis was testable

A controlled experiment is one which
a) is conducted at a slow pace to guarantee the scientist can carefully observe all reactions and process all experimental data
b) there are at least two groups, one of which does not receive the experimental treatment
c) there are at least two groups, one differing from the other by two or more variables
d) there is one group for which the scientist controls all variables

In presenting data for an experiment, a group of students show that most of their measurements fall in a straight diagonal line on the graph. However, two of their data points are outliers. What should the students do?
a) Do not show these points, but write a footnote that the graph represents the correct data
b) Average several trials and therefore rule out the improbable results
c) Show all results obtained and then explore the reasons for these outliers
d) Change the details of the experiment until they can obtain the expected results

When applying the process of science, which of these is tested?
a) a question
b) an observation
c) a conclusion
d) a prediction

Why is it important than an experiment include a control group?
a) the researcher is control of the control group and therefore predetermines the results
b) the control group provides a backup plan of experimental subjects
c) a control group assures that an experiment will be able to be repeated
d) Without a control group, there is no basis for knowing if a particular result is due to the variable being tested

Which of the following are qualities of any good scientific hypothesis?
a) It can be tested and proven true
b) it can be tested and proven false
c) it produces numerical data
d) it can be tested and may be proven either true or false

Which of the following is the best description of a control for an experiment?
a) the control group is kept in an unchanging environment
b) the control is left alone by those experimenting
c) the control group is matched with the experimental group except for the one experimental variable
d) the control group is exposed to only one variable rather than several

A student reported that a wilted stalk of celery became crisp when placed in a container of ice water. The student’s statement was based on
a) a deduction
b) a hypothesis
c) a conclusion
d) an observation

Which of the following questions can be investigated scientifically?
a) Is experimenting on white mice right or wrong?
b) Should scientists make as much money as athletes?
c) Does tanning harm the skin?
d) Who is the most famous scientist in the world?

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