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A resource that cannot be replenished by natural processes is called
a) common.
b) renewable.
c) nonrenewable.
d) conserved.

The conversion of a previously soil-rich area to a sandy desert is called
a) habitat fragmentation.
b) deforestation.
c) desertification.
d) acid rain.

The burning fossil fuels may cause all of the following EXCEPT
a) acid rain.
b) global warming.
c) smog.
d) the ozone hole.

The sum total of the variety of organisms on Earth is referred to as
a) ecosystem.
b) biodiversity.
c) forest.
d) agriculture.

A species that enters an environment where it has not lived before is called a(an)
a) endangered species.
b) invasive species.
c) threatened species.
d) predator

A species whose population size is declining so rapidly that it could soon become extinct is said to be
a) nonnative.
b) fragmented.
c) endangered.
d) invasive.

The concept of using natural resources at a rate that does not deplete them is called
a) conservation.
b) sustainable use.
c) reforestation.
d) successful use.

According to biomagnification,
a) the concentration of toxins increases as you go up the food chain.
b) the concentration of toxins decreases as you go up the food chain.
c) the concentration of toxins stays the same as you go up the food chain.
d) the concentration of toxins is eliminated as you go up the food chain.

Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
a) carbon dioxide
b) nitrous oxide
c) methane
d) ozone

Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
a) forests
b) water
c) fossil fuels
d) carbon dioxide

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